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International Association for the Advancement of Steam Power

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IAASP's MISSION: Re-kindle in the minds and hearts of the world the vision of, and the quest for, what steam power can do for humanity. Apply this new energy to the inventions and applications of steam power in every conceivable industry worldwide. Enlist the support of individual consumers, inventors, entrepreneurs, educators, investors, industries, and associations as well as educational and other government institutions.

IAASP's ACTIONS: IAASP's web site, www.steampower.com, is the source of current advanced steam power information and the latest developments of the industry. This resource is assisting participants by enhancing their Internet visibility and chances of success. Our latest webpage, www.KidSteamPower.org, is a fun and educational source of steam power for kids. When possible, IAASP holds an annual International Steam Power Conference, bringing together the best steam power minds from around the world to advance the state of the science.

IAASP's PEOPLE: We were founded as a non-profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) corporation in May of 2000, and are able to continue to serve our mission thanks to the generous service of the following people:

  • Board of Directors: Frankie Fruge, Chairman, along with directors Thaddeus Dudzik, Heidi Ungureanu, and Pamela Dudzik. We are currently interviewing for an additional board member positions.
  • Technical Advisory Committee members: Peter Platell, PhD, Shaun McMahon, Robert Ellsworth, and Tom Kimmel
  • President and Founder: Dennis Dudzik, P.E.
  • Treasurer: Jeffrey Anderson (Anderson Accounting Services)
  • Webmaster: Aaron Madzik (Partners in Computing)
  • IAASP's CONTRIBUTORS: We are grateful to all of our contributors for their ongoing support of IAASP and of our work. If you are not already a contributor, won't you please join the movement to make modern steam power "the engine of change"?

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