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Platell, Peter Bertil CEO, PhD


  • Master of Science, KTH (Royal University of Technology), Power and Heating. 1979-1983
  • Marketing, Management, Accounting and Investment calculations, at the University of Stockholm. 1987-1988
  • Doctoral student KTH (Royal University of Technology), Technical Licentiate (PhD), Small-scale cogeneration, 1991-1993
  • Business Law, International Economy at College level. 1999
  • Research at KTH (Royal University of Technology), Building Science. 2001
  • Research and Professional Experience

  • Technology and business development at RANOTOR Utvecklings AB, and LOWTE AB,1983-1985
  • Project leader and teacher in computer technology at Ericsson Information System. 1985-1989
  • Energy consultant at SWECO Group. 1989-1991
  • Doctoral employees at KTH (Royal University of Technology, Stockholm). 1991-1993
  • Pre-sales & support of super chargers to automotive industry at Autorotor. 1993-1995
  • Technology and business development in my own companies. 1995-Present
  • Selected Publications

    Displacement Expanders for Small-scale Cogeneration, Peter Platell, Licentiate thesis, KTH Department of Machine Design, Division of Engineering Design, 1993.

    Using Low Exergy for Buildings, Step, SBUF-document Nr. 9026, BFR -document Nr.19980285 P Platell, D Schmidt, Gudni Johannesson

    Using Low Exergy for Buildings, step 2, SBUF-document Nr. 0050 BFR -document Nr.19980285, P Platell, D Schmidt, Gudni Johannesson

    Using Low Exergy for Buildings. Step 3, SBUF-document, Nr. 1026, FORMAS -document Nr.20011012, P Platell, D Schmidt, Gudni Johannesson

    Geoexchange & Low exergy buildings, P Platell, D Schmidt, G Johannesson, Indoor Air, Monterey, 2002

    Theoretical research of carbon dioxide power cycle applications in automobile industry to reduce vehicle's fuel consumption, Applied thermal engineering 25. Y Chen, P Lundqvist, P Platell, 2005

    Developing work on Ground Heat Exchangers, P Platell, The Tenth International Conference on Thermal Energy Storage ECOSTOCK Atlantic City US, 2006

    Zero Energy Houses, P Platell, Dennis Dudzik, Energy Sustainability, June 2007, Long Beach, California

    Novel High Performance Steam Engine, P Platell, First European Conference on Polygeneration Tarragona Spain October 2007

    High efficiency ground energy storage and low exergy HVAC systems, New height in net zero energy buildings, P. Platell, B Kilkis, ASHRAE winter meeting 2008, New York

    Research Projects

  • Current project, EU project
  • Combidiesel project
  • Pending projects, WHR for heavy duty trucks and passenger cars