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Tom Kimmel, Steam Automobile Club of America, President

My interest in steam has been since high school but was only realized when I joined the Steam Automobile Club of America 25 years ago and began attending the annual 2 day meetings in Danville, Illinois. I began collecting modern steam automobiles and 10 years ago was appointed president of the club. Since then I have accumulated half of the modern steam cars made: Keen Steamliner, Chevelle SE-124, Kaiser Manhattan for Henry Kaiser, SACA-West 3-wheeler, John Wetz Pickup truck, Jim Jones Thing, Doble-Simplex by Charlie Briar, MSS VW, Williams Victress car, McNeir Pinto stationwagon, and R. J. Smith mini-bike. I have collected steam information in the form of many home-made steam boilers and engines, 600 book titles, all of the steam magazines, SAE technical papers, and government reports. My interest is in preserving the history of steam work and then writing a book about it. At some point I am interested in practical modern steam. It is my opinion that this is very complex and that one can learn from everyone else and their work and experience. My education is a history major from the University of Michigan.

Tom Kimmel